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    Mar 29, 2018
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    As a player on FalconFire, you are expected to follow a set of rules in order to maintain a good enjoyable experience for everyone. Follow these rules!

    1. No possession of mods that give you an unfair advantage, hacked items or clients. Scripts are bannable.
    2. Do not advertise other servers or Discords.
    3. Do not spam the chat, or cause spam waves.
    4. Do not ask for staff, ranks, OP perms or extra perks.
    5. Do not ask to be trolled.
    6. Respect all players.
    7. Do not exploit bugs or glitches.
    8. Do not start arguments
    9. Do not harass staff or members.
    10. Do not give out any personal information
    11. Do not impersonate staff or other players.
    12. Do not fly in combat or the pvp arena.
    13. No player tracking
    14. Do not grief other players.
    15. No posting NSFW content (not safe for work).
    16. Do not hackusate other players.
    17. Do not scam/trick, other players. Only allowed on factions
    18. Do not grief server spawns.
    19. Racism is not allowed under any circumstances. This includes saying the n-word and bypassing the filter.
    20. DDoS & dox threads will be taken 100% seriously
    21. Don't fake evidence in player reports.
    22. Toxic, racist, disrespectful players will be removed from the community.
    23. Don't talk about NSFW-related things in the public chat.
    24. Personal information of others and yourself cannot be leaked.
    25. Don't call staff out for abuse, report them instead.
    26. Don't help someone to ban evade or break the rules in any other way.
    27. Don't use emotes to expose vanished staff members.
    28. Use /ignore if someone is bothering you.
    29. Do not grief other players.
    30. Do not scam people out of real money.
    31. Do not spam join and leave the server.

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